What to expect from your CPA on your route to success.

Client Bill of Rights

Client Bill of Rights

Since 1959, Alloy Silverstein has remained true to the core values instilled by our founders, Marvin Alloy and Raymond Silverstein. Our clients are our family and they are treated as so – that has never changed.

So that each of our clients, small and large, can manage the expectations of their engagement, and so our employees can continue to live by the values that make us who we are, we proudly adhere to an Alloy Silverstein Client Bill of Rights.

Client Bill of Rights


  • All phone calls, emails, and other inquires will be responded to the same day or prior to 10:00 AM the following business day.
  • Professional services will be presented in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Open communication and one-on-one interaction will be promoted to ensure excellent relationships.
  • Proactive and strategic recommendations will be made with the future in mind as we welcome the opportunities that innovation brings.
  • Reliable and accurate services will be provided in a timely and efficient manner.
  • You will be communicated with on a personal level to ensure long-lasting relationships.
  • Persistence in developing high-quality and creative solutions unique to your individual situation will be evident.
  • Guidance and direction received will be as current and knowledgeable as possible through our professionals’ dedication to never stop learning nor expanding their networks.
  • You will be treated as if you are our only client, as it is our privilege to work with you.

Our Bottom-line Promise

You will feel as though your Alloy Silverstein CPA fully understands your business, your needs, and what it will take for you to thrive. We don’t just want you to be successful in your goals – we challenge you to achieve greatness – and we’re excited to be on this journey alongside you.

JB Financial Associates is now Alloy Silverstein.
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