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Identity Theft Defense

Identity Theft Defense

In the direct aftermath of the massive Equifax data breach, Alloy Silverstein recognizes that something needs to be done to protect clients and business owners from the financial devastation that identity theft vulnerability can cause. Unlike credit card theft, compromised social security numbers are not as simple as changing an account number. Identity thieves can attempt to use your social security number for unauthorized activity in the coming weeks or even years from now.

Alloy Silverstein’s identity theft defense package can aid individuals and married couples in being proactive by protecting their tax returns, credit reports, and setting up security measures that hinders unauthorized use and access of social security numbers. Take control of your financial future and let your CPA and advisor handle putting safeguards in place for the protection of your tax returns and credit.

Alloy Silverstein's Flat-Fee Identity Theft Defense Covers:
  • Reporting exposure to the IRS on behalf of your individual and/or spouse’s tax return
  • Assist in obtaining a secure pin from the IRS as an ongoing preventative measure
  • Alerting state taxing authorities where applicable
  • Placing a freeze on both your individual and spouse’s credit files
  • Requesting credit reports from all 3 reporting bureaus
  • Reviewing credit reports for fraudulent activities

This is a one-time service that could protect you for years.

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