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Tax Services & Planning

Tax Services & Planning

Taxes can be complicated – there’s no getting around that. They can muddy a once-clear picture of your personal or business finances. Fortunately, our CPAs are well-versed in the tax code lingo and its implications. We work with businesses and individuals to put a strategy in place designed to minimize liability each tax season.

After all, the Alloy Silverstein Group advantage is weaving our tax expertise throughout all of our service offerings, including financial planning and payroll processing, to provide our clients peace of mind.


Tax reform is here. This tax season, partner with a tax advisor who will help you plan and rethink your tax strategy in response to the new tax law. Stay informed with our Tax Reform Resource Center or contact a tax advisor below to start rethinking and retooling your return.

Tax Reform Resource Center


Individual Tax Solutions

Alloy Silverstein most often works with businesses, but individual tax solutions are available to business owners and their families, referrals, and high net worth individuals. If your financial situation forces you to endure a complex tax return each year, an Alloy Silverstein accountant is here to help. We can also work with individuals throughout the year for quarterly estimated payment compliance and tax planning and coordination to minimize your tax burden each year.

An additional reassurance is our Audit Protection service. With a nominal fee added to the preparation of your returns, Alloy Silverstein will represent and walk you through the audit process if it’s triggered by the filing of your tax return.

Business Tax Solutions

The sheer number of items in the tax code, combined with annual updates of tax rates, limits, credits, breaks, rebates, and incentives are overly voluminous. It pays to have a tax expert on your side who understands the tax code through and through. You’ll have peace of mind each tax season that your CPA is following your business’s tax planning strategy in order to minimize surprises on the tax deadline or at fiscal year-end.

Alloy Silverstein’s tax advisors also collaborate with your payroll specialist and financial advisor to ensure your tax strategies are consistent throughout all aspects of your business operation.

International Tax Concerns

Taxes: the international business language. If your business growth is taking you across seas, there’s a whole new chapter to explore on taxes for multinational business operations. If you’re partnered with the right accounting firm, they can accommodate this growth phase of your business and aid in making it as minimally invasive as possible. Fortunately, we’re prepared and well-versed in working with clients on a global scale.

Thanks to our active membership in INPACT Americas, Alloy Silverstein has the backing of 140 fellow CPA firms in 67 countries. This comes in handy since we have contacts we can quickly reach out to when additional assistance is needed in deciphering the tax law in certain countries, confirming the latest legislative updates, or understanding the market and regulations.

State and Local Tax Services

Is your business primarily online? Have locations in multiple states? Shipping out of state? Don’t get caught with a hefty SALT penalty. Alloy Silverstein’s tax experts can help you navigate and understand state and local tax laws in order to stay compliant and continue to minimize your tax burden.

In addition to corporate tax planning and preparation, special circumstances arise with compliance to state and local tax (SALT) obligations. Our professionals can walk you through special engagements including, but not limited to, sales and use tax audits, credits and incentives analysis, personal and real property taxes, franchising taxes across multiple states and other sales tax compliance and consulting.

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