Gain peace of mind and a competitive edge by ensuring your title company’s compliance.

ALTA Best Practices

ALTA Best Practices Certification

The Seven Pillars

  1. Current Licensing
  2. Escrow Accounting
  3. Data Security
  4. Settlement Processes
  5. Production of Policies
  6. Insurance Coverage
  7. Consumer Complaints
ALTA recommends re-evaluating your Best Practices compliancy status every 24 months.

Alloy Silverstein, an accounting and advisory firm trusted by clients, banks, and leaders in our local real estate industry since 1959, can work with title agents, settlement firms, and closing attorneys to review, establish, and recommend improvements to controls, policies, and procedures so that they comply with ALTA’s Best Practices Framework.

Our professionals are members of the American Land Title Association and American Institute of CPAs, and we are already upheld to the highest attestation and ethical standards. We will perform an independent in-depth assessment of your existing policies and procedures so you can confidently demonstrate certified, objective compliance to financial institutions, underwriters, and consumers.

To help you stay compliant with the seven pillars of Best Practices, we offer several solutions that can fit every size budget:

  • Examination – The highest level of compliance, an Alloy Silverstein CPA will visit your agency, audit your firm’s policies and procedures, recommend specific improvements, use sampling to provide a basis of opinion, and certify that your company is compliant with the Best Practices.
  • Review – A review is not as extensive as an examination, and is therefore more affordable. An Alloy Silverstein CPA will perform a trusted review of your firm’s existing policies without providing an opinion and without on-site visits. The final report will showcase your strengths and weaknesses with the Best Practices.
  • Report Card – With a one-time, flat fee, Alloy Silverstein’s ALTA Best Practices Report Card is a low-cost introductory step to move toward completing ALTA’s Self-Assessment. This online questionnaire consists of yes/no questions that you can complete at your own pace. The final report is based off of your own judgment, but helps benchmark your gaps that need to be addressed in order to be compliant with the Best Practices.
  • Consulting – If you don’t know where to start, Alloy Silverstein can walk you through the entire Best Practices framework. We can aid you in creating policies and procedures, introducing you to vendors, and other customized engagements to ensure that you’re operating a compliant agency and not losing out on business opportunities to other firms that are Best Practice certified.
Want to get started? You will need the following information for a quote on Best Practices certification:
  • List of each state the company operates in
  • Number of bank accounts used by the company
  • Number of underwriters utilized for title policies
  • Number of loans closed in the past 12 months
  • List of the companies to be examined (if more than 1)
  • Copies of internal policies regarding each of the seven pillars
ALTA Best Practices Certification Resources
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