A wise investment: Better management of your family’s finances and business affairs.

Family Office Solutions

A strategic blend of business and individual tax, financial, and business solutions, Family Office solutions set up high-net worth families with easy management of their financial affairs to ease the burden of their administrative responsibilities. This exclusive grouping of services calls for your business advisor, financial advisor, tax advisor, attorney, and banker to work together in achieving your family’s goals and carrying out your philanthropic missions.

Family Office Solutions:
  • Personal accounting, administration, and reporting
  • Monthly reports for cash flow, income, gains and losses
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Governance, entity structure, M&As
  • Estate, trust, and tax planning
  • Income preservation and asset protection
  • Wealth & investment management
  • Compliance & regulatory assistance
  • Automated electronic bill payments
  • Ongoing management and overseeing implementation
  • Real estate holdings
  • Foundation establishment and oversight
  • Coordination and liaison with other family representatives and hired professionals


Alloy’s Family Office Solutions experts: