Partnering with businesses and individuals throughout Greater Philadelphia and beyond.

Client Types

Client Types

Business Owners

Business owners of closely-held organizations are the core group of Alloy Silverstein Group clients. You’ll be in the capable hands for one-stop convenience that focuses on your entire financial picture. Our approach is forming relationships with our clients, so you can be assured that you’ll be communicated with frequently and on a personal level.

Your CPA will walk you through everything from your corporate tax return, an audit, structuring your business, applying for financing, better cash flow planning, a merger process, setting up retirement plans, improving profit and procedures, evaluating franchise opportunities and contracts, and year-end tax planning. We encourage proactive, year-round planning to continuously work towards the lowest possible tax burden, while steering you towards business growth and success. Small, medium, or large, all of Alloy Silverstein’s private business clients will feel just as catered to as any “big business.” More than just a tax preparer, our CPAs are your growth partners.

Alloy Silverstein has several experts with backgrounds in helping women business owners break through the glass ceiling. With women CPA professionals who also jointly prioritize success and understand work/life balance, you’ll find the perfect new partner to help you reach your business’ next goals.


High Net Worth Individuals

There are two things individuals want when it comes to their finances: to reach their aspirational goals and to face minimal unwelcome surprises. Alloy Silverstein’s CPAs take a proactive approach with an emphasis on strategy when it comes to tax preparation and planning with our clients. This way, you know a plan is in place that takes into account your personal objectives and risk tolerance and maps your way to having a financial legacy for your family. We pride ourselves on our open communication year-round so you are always in the know, preventing any final surprises come April 15th.

If your family’s financial obligations and commitments could benefit from better organization and day-to-day management, learn more about our Family Office Solutions, a well-rounded suite of services ranging from personal tax, business needs, trusts, multi-generation estate planning, and financial guidance and up-keeping.

In addition, Alloy Silverstein’s forensic accounting team also works with attorneys and legal professionals to resolve joint client matters when it comes to litigation support, financial discovery, fraud investigations, expert testimony, divorce proceedings, shareholder disputes, and business valuation services.



Not-for-profits served by Alloy Silverstein include charitable and philanthropic foundations, committees, associations and/or societies, civic groups, grant-making entities, religious organizations, and more. We recognize the particular needs faced by not-for-profits, including preparation and filing of Form 990, specific tax compliance and governance concerns, and transparent financial records.

Typically, your volunteer hours are limited and resources are stretched past the limit. When you partner with a firm that eliminates the confusion and extra work in the financial department, you can focus on fundraising, building relationships, creating awareness, and genuinely helping others. Our professionals are proactive in learning the best practices of the industry through resources available to us from the AICPA, our INPACT Americas relationship, and through Continuous Professional Education courses. Our team also seeks to provide nonprofit guidance and education through published articles, tips and newsletter content, and speaking presentations.

Last but not least, Alloy Silverstein is not just committed to quality work and above and beyond client service – each and every one of our team members is committed to a cause, effort, or organization that makes a difference in our South Jersey community. We enjoy working with not-for-profits and foundations professionally because we see first-hand the value they bring personally to shared back yard.

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Family Businesses

We’re in the business of crafting legacies. Having been operating in the heart of two family-centric South Jersey towns for many decades, Alloy Silverstein’s professionals have long-standing histories with many family and multi-generation business operations.

In addition to the typical tax preparation and planning services, our CPAs and business advisors can walk you through answers to questions like ‘How can we all be friends while working together?’ and ‘Who is going to buy the company?’ Our business advisors and management consultants can also prepare your future leaders of the organization to keep your company operating successfully generation after generation.

We will help your family business set objectives, aspirations, and priorities so that every stakeholder has the same long-term goals in mind. A good accountant for a family business should be more than just about the numbers and tax filing – it’s asking the right questions and understanding the goals and challenges to help steer you towards financial success. Our one-stop approach can also seamlessly integrate financial planning (i.e. family estate planning) and payroll solutions (including the tax benefits of adding your children to payroll) into your tax and accounting solutions, further easing the operations process of the family business.



Private Corporations

Larger businesses may already have an in-house team of accountants, controllers, bookkeepers, and a CFO, but can still benefit from a partnership with a certified public accounting firm with a strong reputation. Just because you are a large, multi-state corporation, you’re not limited to partnering with a Big 4 or Top 20 accounting firm. Instead, work with a firm that prioritizes client service and getting to know your business and your team. Alloy Silverstein’s CPAs will work with your in-house team to prepare financial statements, be your third-party auditor, provide guidance in tax planning and compliance, and can aid the company in business strategy with management advisory, succession planning, a public corporation going private, or a merger/acquisition.

All CPA firms have access to similar resources – opt for the one that wants a meaningful relationship with you.




Having a profitable idea to start a business around is just half the battle. Your business support team should include a CPA that can guide you through a myriad of tax and business structure obstacles and make sure you are starting out making the right decisions for the best impact on your future.

Everything from basic tax advice, to being connected to the right banker or attorney, and even how and where to apply for financing, Alloy Silverstein’s CPAs will mentor you throughout the process of starting your business. Learn from your CPA and business advisor so you know which key performance metrics to focus on as you keep a close eye on your business finances. As you evolve from startup to growth mode, you’ll have an accounting team that’s already thoroughly familiar with your business and your goals.

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