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Professional Athletes & Entertainers

A niche in helping professional athletes attain and sustain financial success is a closely-guarded interest of some of Alloy Silverstein’s professionals. Pro athletes and entertainers face unique financial and international tax challenges and need to be aligned with unbiased strategic support.

Whether it’s a sudden windfall of cash that needs to be properly planned or facing obstacles with vendors, agents, or management, Alloy Silverstein’s business advisors and CPAs are qualified to help. We offer video-conferencing for face-to-face consultations so you never lose the personal touch when it comes to checking up on and planning your finances.

Since professional athletes are not in one place for very long, we can set you up with electronic bill payments to ensure seamless, on-time payments to your vendors and creditors. Not only are we well versed in the “jock tax” implications in various cities across the globe, our INPACT connections afford us alliances in over 60 countries so we constantly have applicable resources to your unique financial and tax situation.

In addition, our team is involved in the non-traditional sports world of esports and understands the diverse revenue streams including content creation (Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook), endorsements, tournaments, appearances, et al.

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