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Tax Season

Alloy Silverstein strives to provide timely, quality information to our clients. To allow for a smooth process in your preparation and filing, please keep the following information in mind.

  • Due Dates

    For calendar year taxpayers, s-corporations and partnership tax returns are due March 15, 2017. C corporations, trust, and individual income tax returns are due April 18, 2017.

    In addition to your individual tax return, quarterly estimated federal and state tax payments are also due April 18, 2017.

  • Office Hours

    Alloy Silverstein’s tax season office hours through April 15 are:

    • Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Friday – Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Securely Transferring Tax Files

    Our secure client portal is a great way to share any size or number of electronic files. If you would like to use our electronic tax notebook organizer, or to sign up for the client portal, please contact our office manager.

  • Checklist For Individuals

    As a reminder, you will need the following source documents when you meet with your accountant:

    • Form W-2(s) for you and your spouse
    • 1099-MISC, -C, -G, -R, -S, -INT, -DIV, -B, or other 1099 Forms
    • K-1s, investment, and interest income
    • Income from Social Security benefits, alimony, jury duty, awards, gambling winnings, etc.
    • Rental property income and expenses
    • Business income and records of home business expenses
    • Property and real estate taxes paid
    • State and local income taxes paid
    • Amounts and dates of estimated tax payments
    • Contributions to IRA or self-employed pension plans
    • Charitable donation records
    • Form 1098 Mortgage Interest, PMI, points paid, and moving expenses (if applicable)
    • Child care costs
    • Medical and dental expenses; Contributions to a Medical Savings Account
    • Education costs and/or student loan interest forms (1098-T and 1098-E)
    • Documentation for business use of vehicle
    • Records for unreimbursed employee expenses (classroom supplies, uniforms, travel, etc.)
    • Casualty and theft losses and records of insurance reimbursements

    Above is a sample of the possible items your CPA or accountant may need to complete your return. This list is not exhaustive nor does it apply to everyone. Please seek advice from your accountant for information that applies to your individual situation.

  • Your Electronic Return

    Alloy Silverstein typically provides each client with an electronic copy of their tax return on a CD-ROM. If you would prefer to have your copy stored on a USB Flash Drive, please let your accountant know.

  • Your Refund Status

    While the Internal Revenue Service provides a general waiting time of 3-6 weeks, there are several tools you can use to check on the status of your refund. Note that you will need to input your taxpayer social security number and the exact refund amount from your federal and state returns.

    IRS2Go is the IRS’s secure mobile app with the capability to check your refund status from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Extension Applications

    Need more time to file your income tax return? Below are federal and state forms to request a six-month filing extension.

    • Federal Extension Application – Form 4868
    • State of New Jersey Extension Application – Form NJ-630
    • Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Extension Application – Form REV-276
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