Business of all sizes, at all stages, can benefit from an outside perspective.

Business Advisory Solutions

Advisory and Consulting

Business Advisory and Management Consulting Opportunities

At Alloy Silverstein, we provide detailed management consulting and guidance for business leaders while simultaneously building and maintaining a trusted, reciprocal relationship. Our advisory and consulting services help you, along with your company, develop long-term objectives using specific strategies, evaluate and implement ongoing activities, and establish recommendations. We also help offices with efficiency by going green in our paperless transition advisory solutions, in addition to specializing in medical practice consulting.

One accountant, many specialties: Our experience in providing accounting services to an assortment of business types over the years has earned us unique qualifications that can be applied to an array of industry areas going forward.

A sample of our business advisory service offerings include:
  • Business Plans
  • Organizational Management Consulting
  • Business Contingency and Succession Planning
  • Medical Practice Consulting
  • Family Business Consulting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Company Privatization
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Startup Mentorship
  • System Upgrades and Compliance
  • Contract Reviews
  • International Expansion
  • Information Technology (IT) Consulting
  • Outsourced Business Processes with emphasis on Planning, Profitability, and Projections
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The Accounting + Advisory Advantage

When you are already working alongside an Alloy Silverstein CPA, they have developed a background and general understanding of your business. This allows for a seamless transition to an advisory solution at each stage of the business life cycle:


You’ve brought your idea from concept to reality, and now you need a partner to help make sure the decisions you are making today will benefit your new company in the long run. An Alloy Silverstein business advisor can help you with business plan design, entity setup, walk you through the process to obtain financing, coach you in attaining profitability, aid you in keeping a close eye on cash flow, and help you implement systems and a structure that can contribute to stability. Note that Alloy Silverstein has a partnership with Waterfront Ventures and Waterfront Lab in Camden, NJ.


From fast growth to incremental increases, your startup venture is now an established business that is gaining traction and customers. By now you have sales patterns and expectations, customer acquisition trends, a budding team of employees, and can focus on having more formal processes and strategic framing to timely capitalize on opportunities that further contribute to your growth. Without an advisor on your team, your growth may become stressful and unmanageable or lead to unfavorable tax consequences without proper planning in place.


A specific extension of the growth phase can be expansion, which is growing your business and market by carefully expanding with new service lines, distribution channels, partnerships, and to new target markets, all leading to new revenue. This stage requires careful planning and research to ensure you are making wise investments and decisions that will help your business in the long-term.


Following growth comes a period of steadiness in the business, often times with an established customer base and a strong management team. However, it’s still important to remain proactive and competitive. With a business advisor on your team, there are opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency, all of which build to the longevity of your organization. You may also have to address declining sales and incorporate new ways to stay profitable.


There comes a time in every business where the owner may decide to step down or poor business performance no longer leaves running the business to be a viable option. The exit stage can happen in a couple different manners, and includes the support of a business advisor to aid you during the process. Options include succession planning, business transition planning, exit planning, business valuation in preparation for buy-sell agreements, or the process to take for selling or closing down the business.

Alloy’s Advisory and Consulting experts: