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The Equifax Data Breach: What you need to do to protect yourself

Earlier this year, Equifax, a major credit reporting agency, fell victim to hackers who allegedly exposed the personal in­formation of more than 143 million Ameri­cans. Unlike credit card theft, a compro­mised social security number has the po­tential to affect you and your credit for years to come. The importance of being proactive with protecting yourself and your finances cannot be overstated. What should you do if you’re a victim?

Alloy Silverstein introduces Identity Theft Defense, a one-time service to help safeguard your personal information. Our professionals will aid you by reporting ex­posure to the IRS, alerting state taxing au­thorities (where applicable), obtaining an IRS pin for future tax return filings, placing a freeze on your credit files, and download­ing your credit reports and reviewing them for recent fraudulent activity.

Even with these preventative measures in place, here are three recommendations to remain vigilant going forward:

1. Keep a watchful eye on statements.

Unauthorized purchases, especially on un­derused cards, may be the first sign of crim­inal activity.

2. Monitor your credit reports.

A credit freeze does not mean set it and forget it. Even with a freeze, be alert for suspicious activity. In some cases, unfreezing your credit may cost a nominal fee, but it’s a small price to thwart attempts of fabricated accounts being opened in your name.

3. File your taxes early.

The most common scam of 2016 was falsified tax re­turn filings. By filing early, if possible, it can prevent identity thieves’ attempts of claim­ing a tax refund using your data.

Alloy Silverstein believes that this matter should not be taken lightly.

In direct response to the unprecedented Equifax security breach, Alloy Silverstein assembled a panel of experts for a Se­curity Symposium on November 30, 2017 to discuss how to safely move forward from business, legal, IT, banking perspectives with added insight from an FBI agent.




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