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More Benefits with Expanded NJ Family Leave Act

Governor Murphy has signed into law provisions that give employees more time off, more ways to qualify, and more compensation under the Family Leave Act and Family Leave Insurance. The laws also impact more businesses and more workers. That’s because as of June 30, 2019 companies with 30 or more full-time employees are required to heed the rules, down from the 50-employee threshold.

Who qualifies and when?

Employees can now take family leave for two reasons: to bond with a new baby (including one who is adopted), or to care for a family member with a serious health condition or who is a domestic violence or sexual assault victim.

The definition of family member also has expanded from immediate family to parents-in-law, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, plus friends and relatives
with close ‘family-like’ relationships.

To qualify, an employee must have worked for their employer for at least 12 months, putting in 1,000 base hours during that time.

How much time off?

Employees can take up to 12 weeks of continuous time off and up to 56 days of intermittent time off within a 12-month period. They can also work on a reduced schedule without penalty for up to 12 months.

What about compensation?

Previously, employees could apply for up to two-thirds of their usual salary, with a maximum compensation of 53 percent of the state average salary—around $650 per week. Beginning on July 1, 2020, employees can earn up to 85 percent of their salaries, capping out at 70 percent of the state average—around $860 per week.


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