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Virtual Onboarding: Set Up Employees For Success

With more companies adopting hybrid and remote work situations, the need for virtual onboarding will continue well into the future. According to Glassdoor, companies with a great onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent.

Here is a list of key actions to help you plan a positive onboarding experience.

Before Day 1: Set A Positive Tone

Provide equipment e.g. computer, phone, and printer with installed software and passwords

Setup the employee on your VPN, VOIP, and project management software

The employee has tested everything

New hire paperwork is completed: W-4, I-9, state-specific tax forms

Employee handbook and any other written policies are received and acknowledged in writing

Day 1: Make A Great First Impression

Send a Welcome Kit (Consider including swag, a hand-written welcome letter, notes from colleagues)

Meet virtually one-on-one to welcome the employee

Find out if their work area and equipment is working for them

Review basic benefits, pay periods, PTO policies

Discuss process: flow of tasks, approvals, communication channels, project management software

Assign one or more high performers who can show them the ropes

Provide a schedule of 15-minute meetings with key people over the first few weeks

Get them started on a project

Month 1 (And Ongoing): Continue To Show You Care

Have regular check-in meetings, e.g. daily 5s, weekly 10s or 20s

Ask for feedback on the onboarding process

Schedule fun ways to bring the team together remotely

This information was provided during an Alloy Academy presentation given by John Baldino, president of
global HR firm Humaraso. To view the full presentation, go to:


Virtual Onboarding: A Checklist for Success [Infographic]



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