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Ease the Burden on Your Beneficiaries

One of the least discussed, but most important, items to have available to your survivors is a binder or file that contains all your financial information. This includes accounts, insurance policies, deeds, titles and more, including account names, user names and passwords, and phone numbers.

We offer a Personal Financial Organizer on the Alloy Silverstein Financial Services website at no cost to you. I can tell you from personal experience, it is an important final gift to your loved ones.


Why is a prepared organizer so important?

  • You are in an emotional state. It helps to be able to open a file and know immediately whom to call for information regarding wills, trusts, insurance policies, and any assets or liabilities pertaining to the estate.
  • If the deceased’s spouse, children or other decedents need insurance proceeds or access to bank accounts in order to pay bills and/or taxes, this information is quickly accessible.
  • Assets that might have been passed over will not be lost or go to the state.
  • You can include final wishes such as a song to play at the memorial service or anything else not usually covered in the will.


Of course, the Personal Financial Organizer is not a replacement for the various legal documents needed. However, it does help your surviving loved ones make clear-headed decisions during an emotional time and ensure that your wishes are clearly understood. If you would like assistance organizing your documents and preparing the Personal Financial Organizer, contact an Alloy Silverstein advisor today!



By Ronald V. Donato, Jr., CFP®, MBA


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