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The Financial Fundamentals of Rental Properties

From rent to revenue reporting and recordkeeping, the business and financial side of managing a rental property has many nuances to it. So, whether you are considering purchasing an investment property or transforming your home into a rental, let’s break down a few key points to know on your path to passive income.

Why invest?

• Diversification of your financial portfolio
• Potential for long-term gain
• Method of financing your vacation home

How to get started

Deciding on the right financing to purchase your first rental property simply comes down to your real estate investing goals. Are you interested in generating positive monthly cash flow or long-term appreciation? You’ll also want to consider a very important question—how will you
manage the rental property? Some options include self-managing, using a property manager, or securing a rental broker/booking agent.

Learn more

Visit to hear from our knowledgeable CPAs in the recent complimentary Alloy Academy webinar, “The Financial Fundamentals of Rental Properties.” The recording covers:

• Acquiring property
• Financing options
• Management
• Reporting requirements
• Cash flow tips
• Tax compliance
• And more rental property fundamentals

Aspiring landlords and current investment property owners will learn insightful tips to set your rental property up for the best chance of success.

July 26, 2023 · Presented by Julie Strohlein, CPA and Kelly Raso, CPA.

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Venmo or Zelle?

Our presenters answered rental property questions such as, “can I use Venmo or Zelle to accept payments from tenants?” in our webinar. See the full recording for the whole Q&A.


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