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June 15, 2022

Associate Partner Chris Cicalese featured in Summer 2022 Issue of NJCPA

Associate Partner, Chris Cicalese, CPA, MSTFP, authored the feature article, “Adapt and Prosper: The Future for Accounting Firms” in the Summer 2022 issue of NJCPA Magazine. Chris discusses the way that the pandemic has shaped the future of accounting and the changes that have been and will continue to take place in the industry.

If the pandemic has taught the accounting profession anything, it is that traditional accounting firms full of paper, office hours and in-person meetings are officially on the outs and firms must start to adapt to the new era.

The days of ledger paper and in-person meetings are scarcer than ever, and tech stacks and remote work policies are now the focus for many firms. To compound the issue, the profession has started to see a talent shortage that is requiring firms to figure out how to increase capacity to maintain sanity during busy time and leverage their teams appropriately. Continue Reading →

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