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February 13, 2020

Introducing Startup Hotline

(Cherry Hill, NJ) Following the launch of the Lender Hotline, Alloy Silverstein introduces Startup Hotline, a complimentary CPA Q&A for new and emerging businesses.

Have a question or concern? Our team of advisors and experts can quickly provide guidance on accounting, tax, payroll, and many other general business topics.


What can you use Startup Hotline for?

Starting a business can be overwhelming. As you begin to make decision after decision, consider turning to a CPA for an added layer of assurance and clarity so your business can grow in the right direction.

Questions and Topics Include:
  • Where do I start? When do I need to involve a CPA and other advisory professionals?
  • How do I set up my accounting and bookkeeping for future success?
  • What are the tax implications of company structure?
  • What business expenses are deductible?
  • When should I hire my first full-time employee and how do I pay them? What do I pay myself?
  • How can my startup’s bookkeeping be most efficient?
  • What do I have to do at year-end? At the start of tax season?
  • Questions regarding a business’s KPIs or key metrics: What performance metrics should I look at everyday? What should be in my pitch deck?
  • What accounting software should I use?
  • Do I need a business plan? How do I forecast cash flow?
  • How can I access capital, funding, and resources to grow my business?
  • Can you help me understand financial statements and tax returns?
  • How do I easily manage inventory?
  • What do I need to know about payroll penalties and 1099s?
  • Am I eligible for the R&D tax credit? Are there other available tax credits or incentives for startups?
  • All about tech stacks: How do I get started with cloud accounting and business apps?
  • Understanding of tax reform topics such as QBI, depreciation changes, capital expense rules, and more.

From business setup to everyday tax questions, we can help you feel confident about going from idea to reality when launching your business.


Complimentary Q&A

Before your next pitch or investors meeting, bring your questions to Alloy Silverstein’s Startup Hotline. Simply email or call 856.667.4100 and mention “Startup Hotline.”


Additional Learning Tools

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