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May 21, 2021

Summer 2021 Spotlight: Lindsey Cowperthwait

This quarter, our spotlight is on Lindsey Cowperthwait, Abacus Payroll Inc.’s Relationship Manager.

Lindsey, who is responsible for business development, says she enjoys meeting business owners, learning about their companies and finding ways to help solve their payroll/HR problems. “My dad owned several businesses, so I understand the worries, the late nights, the challenges of taking care of your family while also growing an organization.”

Abacus Payroll offers a complete payroll, HR, and workforce management solution for businesses of all sizes, delivered with a commitment to world-class client service. “This is a people business. Our team knows who you are, they understand the nuances of your company and industry, and they are always looking out for you. They want to make sure you aren’t left behind say, on credits you deserve, and they’ll reach out about a tax issue you should be aware of.

“We really become partners to our clients, taking the burden of payroll, taxes and compliance off them so they can focus on running their businesses.”

Lindsey brings with her more than 15 years of experience helping small business owners operate more efficiently. She works with business owners in a wide variety of industries, including banking, construction, restaurants, franchises, and union companies.

Caring and outgoing by nature, Lindsey donates blood to the American Red Cross regularly and encourages others to do so. “If you have a busy life like mine caring for small children, you can still take an hour and give back by giving blood. You literally can save a life.”

Lindsey resides in Medford, NJ with her husband, Matt, and children, Nolan and Layla. When she’s not connecting with business owners, she enjoys being outdoors, going to the lake and beach, riding bikes, and exploring with her family.



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