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New Jersey Enacts Limits on Credit Card Surcharges

New Jersey recently enacted legislation that regulates credit card surcharges that may be charged by merchants.

New Credit Card Surcharge Law for New Jersey

Under the new law, which is effective immediately, a merchant may not impose upon its customers a credit card surcharge that is greater than the actual processing costs paid by the merchant.  Although the merchant may recover the credit card processing costs, there may not be any profit.

Requirements for NJ Merchants

New Jersey Credit Card Surcharge Law NoticesThe law also specifies that the amount of any surcharge must be communicated to the customer prior to processing any credit card payment. The form of notification varies by type of business.  For most retail establishments, the notice must be posted on a sign at the entry and point of sale.  For restaurants, the notice must be posted on a sign in the customer service area and on the menu.  Internet sales must post clear and conspicuous electronic notice on the checkout page of the website, mobile application, or electronic kiosk prior to processing the transaction.  Verbal notice is sufficient if the transaction is being conducted over the telephone.

Failure to comply and keep accurate records will result in penalties and fees from the state.


Credit Card Surcharges: What New Jersey Businesses Need to Know [Infographic]

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