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Return and Earn: New Incentive for NJ Employers and New Hires

New Incentive for New Jersey Employers and Unemployed Residents

Earlier this week, NJ Governor Phil Murphy announced a new incentive with the NJEDA to help encourage more unemployed workers to transition back into the workforce.

Eligible employees hired through the state Return and Earn program will receive a $500 bonus in their first paycheck. They must be a New Jersey resident and be working in a full-time position (a minimum of 32 hours a week). Part-time, seasonal, commission-based, and 1099 positions will not be eligible.

The state is also offering an incentive for eligible employers. For businesses with fewer than 100 employees, employers will be reimbursed 50% of the new hire’s hours worked during the training period for up to 6 months. The subsidy is capped at $10,000 per each Return and Earn employee with a maximum of $40,000 total for the employer. The new hire’s wage must be a minimum of $15 per hour and the employer must provide substantive on-the-job training that results in skill badges or industry-recognized credentials. 

More information is expected to be issued by NJDOL in the coming days. Interested employers can express their interest in the program at

Return and Earn Infographic: Quick Facts at a Glance


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