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The Text Message That Can Empty Your Wallet

More packages are being dropped at homes and apartments than ever before and scammers have figured out a way to take advantage of the situation. They use “smishing,” or sending SMS phishing texts—in this case about your delivery.


This thriving scam masquerades as a message from legitimate providers like Amazon, USPS or FedEx. The text usually includes a realistic looking tracking code and a link. Click on it and risk having your personal information stolen.


How can you separate the scams from real notifications? Here is key information from the major delivery services.


  • USPS says they will not send customers text messages or emails without a customer first asking for the service. Texts sent in response to a customer request will not include a link.


  • According to Amazon, “scam texts often say that there’s a problem with your account, ask you for sensitive information like passwords, or state that you’re owed a refund. We never ask for your password or personal information by text.”


  • FedEx warns about links to slightly altered website addresses like or, unexpected requests for money in return for delivery of a package, and claims that you have won a large sum of money.


If you receive one of these text messages don’t click the link. If you have, do not provide the information requested. You can outsmart the criminals if you recognize the clues and stay vigilant.



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