December 18, 2018 | Posted in:

Tax Season Scam Alert: Be Vigilant with Your Personal Information

We urge you to be cautious with your private information, especially during tax season when there is typically an increase in spam calls and emails.

Here are three scams to be alert for:

1. Phone line spoofing:

Criminals fraudulently manipulate Caller ID to appear as if a call is coming from a legitimate company. Our firm may be no exception. If you get a suspicious call from Alloy Silverstein asking for personal information, please hang up and call us directly.

2. Fictitious calls from the IRS

Fake call centers may contact you with fabricated scenarios that demand immediate payment or even threaten arrest. Never provide your information or authorize payment over the phone, or to an unknown email recipient.

3. IRS email scams

The IRS will NEVER contact you via email. Suspicious emails should be forwarded to and then deleted from your email account.


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