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Beware of the Latest Scams

Scam artists are constantly on the lookout for new ways to defraud the public so it’s important to know the latest schemes, and to be vigilant.

Here are two to watch out for.


Workplace Compliance Annual Report

Small business owners are being targeted with a letter from ‘Workplace Compliance Services’ that threatens penalties and fines if an annual report is not filed. If you get this letter, do not call the phone number listed and do not comply. Generally, you should be wary of a bill that wants you to pay ‘today’ with no further information. Finally, keep track of your bills; if you think you don’t owe money, chances are, you don’t. If you need help to make sure a solicitation is legitimate, call our office at 856-667-4100.


The 2020 Census

Fraudsters are already trolling for people to victimize around the 2020 census. You’ll probably hear directly from the U.S. Census Bureau at some point, but scammers pretending to represent the Agency will try to get your personal and financial information by whatever means they can. What to look for? Any census agent asking for your Social Security, credit card or bank account number, inquiring about your mother’s maiden name, requesting information about when you leave or return from work, or demanding a donation is a fraud. Also be cautious about opening unsolicited emails; the Agency almost always makes contact by mail. If you do get an email, know that the official website is Double check that the “s” is there and that the extension is .gov.



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