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Creating A Better Business Culture in A Pandemic World

There’s no denying the importance of a healthy organizational culture. Research proves that it drives innovation, helps recruitment and retention, and increases engagement and productivity. In contrast, companies with high-pressure environments have 50% greater healthcare expenditures, 37% higher absenteeism, and 60% more errors according to a report in Harvard Business Review.

People thrive on human connection. Most enjoy collaboration. The best strategy for maintaining your hard-earned culture in the current environment is to show employees that you are looking out for them as human beings. Here are some ideas from companies who are doing just that.

Employee assistance program

Does your benefits plan have an EAP which provides confidential counseling for things related to finances, childcare, elder care, divorce, and other issues? If so, communicate about it often. Given the stress and uncertainty we’re all living with, employees will appreciate this benefit now more than ever. If you don’t offer an EAP, consider it now.

Access to top management

Think about hosting an AMA (ask me anything) session at a set time each
week. Your team members can submit questions in advance for you to answer.

A Slack channel for hangouts

Office chit chat doesn’t have to go away, it can be redirected. Start a ‘water cooler’ Slack channel where employees can drop by when they need a 2-minute break.

Acknowledge personal milestones

The pandemic is making it more difficult than ever to celebrate important life events with friends and family. You can demonstrate that you care about your team members’ lives with a shout out for birthdays, engagements, weddings, babies, graduations, and other important milestones.

Personalize meetings

This is a strategy that can keep going long after the pandemic is over. Open each meeting with an ice breaker – even when you know each other well. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Favorite Netflix binge? Even a simple “I just ate a . . .” will show that you are all human first, coworkers second.


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