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New Year, New Financial Outlook

Here’s a fresh approach to help you put your finances in perspective for 2022.


See the big picture.

It’s hard to make financial decisions in a vacuum. Having a budget, knowing your credit score, understanding your net worth and taking inventory of your personal belongings are key factors for financial stability. Adjust your budget based on the past year. Check your credit score if you’re planning to finance a major purchase and resolve any discrepancies before seeking financing. Track your net worth—what you own vs. what you owe—year to year to measure your financial position. Also, create a video inventory of items in your home as essential proof in case of a disaster.


Take the long view.

Have you considered where you want to be five or ten years from now? Prioritize your goals, and establish deadlines for each. Be sure to consider the future of your assets. Review your retirement and estate plan beneficiaries and update your will to reflect your current wishes and financial position. Also, consider documenting all of your financial information in one organized place. You can find a complimentary Personal Financial Organizer tool at


Clarify your vision.

You can’t plan without data, but what if it’s buried? Purge unnecessary financial records from your computer, or if you keep hard copies, shred them. Protect your electronic records by updating your operating system with the most recent security patches, turning on your smartphone’s encryption settings, and using two-factor authentication whenever possible.




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