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6 Great Finance Tips Everyone Should Know

Avoid hard-won experience and costly mistakes by taking advantage of these six personal finance tips.

    1. Pay yourself first

      Paying yourself first means taking a percentage of everything you earn and saving it. Consider it as important as any other bill you pay each month. This is a fundamental rule of personal finance that when used properly can help build an emergency fund and save you from living paycheck to paycheck.

    2. Calculate compound interest by using the Rule of 72

      You can roughly calculate the number of years compound interest will take to double your money using the Rule of 72. Simply divide 72 by the rate of return to rough out how long it takes to double your money. For example, 10 percent compound interest will double a sum in 7.2 years; 8 percent in nine years. It’s a concept that helps us understand the power of saving and investment.

    3. Avoid debt

      Unpaid debt is like compound interest, but in reverse. If left unaddressed, it grows exponentially over time as interest and fees add to the original balance due. The result is that you have to work harder and earn more to pay for the items you purchased. Why not save first, then purchase your dream item? When done this way, the purchase price is limited to what you paid for the item, rather than adding the burden of debt over time.

    4. Understand amortization

      When a bank loans you money, it gives you a certain interest rate and a set number of years to pay it back. Each payment you make contains interest as well as a reduction of the amount owed, called principal. Most of the interest payments are front-loaded, while the last few payments are virtually all principal. A smart consumer knows this and tries to make additional interest payments at the beginning of the term. This will dramatically reduce the number of payments required to pay back the loan.

    5. Take advantage of tax deductions, credits and capital gains

      Tax laws are complicated and made even more complex when the rules change. There are many tax deductions and credits to take advantage of, as well as strategies to minimize capital gains tax. Why leave money on the table just because you don’t know the rules? Ask for help and ask for it early in the year. The power of getting the right tax plan in place every year is definitely something everyone should know about.

    6. Have the proper withholding.

      “Every year many of your friends or family may be bragging about how big their refund was. What they might not realize is that their withholding may have been too high and caused them to give the government an interest free loan. If you are worried about owing money at the end of the year, consider changing your exemption amount on your W-4 rather than claiming no exemptions for max withholding. It may be a significant amount, but it can free up a couple dollars every pay week! ” – Chris Cicalese, CPA


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