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9 Benefits of Cloud Accounting for Professional Golfers [Infographic]

Professional golfers are fortunate to have immense talent and skill in the art of golf, but playing professionally comes at the cost of facing a myriad of complex tax rules and recordkeeping, all while on the road.

As professional athletes travel from course to course and country to country, cloud accounting and electronic processes make accounting and tax responsibilities as easy as possible. By partnering with an accountant and advisor to set up your accounts to sync with cloud accounting software, you’ll in turn face less of a paperwork burden in between tournaments. Better yet, you can view and control your business finances right from your trusted mobile device.

Challenges Faced by Professional Golfers

With a demanding tournament schedule that includes a lot of travel time, it can be hard for professional or aspiring golfers to have a home office to store and file all of their accounting and tax paperwork. Alloy Silverstein’s advisors and cloud coaches are able to recommend apps and software so that everything you need to keep track of when it comes to your tax and business matters is 100% accessible from your mobile device. You can easily check in with your accountant no matter which country or time zone you find yourself in.

By staying organized throughout the season and year, your tax preparation process is much quicker and simpler. As you are already busy practicing for the new season during tax time, the last thing you should be worrying about is tracking down receipts.

Using Cloud Accounting to Stay Organized

The following infographic illustrates 9 ways using Xero or cloud accounting software can make tracking your expenses and accounting paperwork as easy as possible.

Cloud Accounting and Xero for Professional Golfers

Cloud Accounting for Professional Golfers


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Stay focused on your game

Your Alloy Silverstein accountant and advisor will take care of the rest.

9 Ways Xero + Alloy Silverstein
Helps Professional Golfers Stay Organized:
1 Keep track of cash winnings.
2 Log cash spending.
3 Record credit card spending.
4 Track both international and USA spending.
5 Connect to bank and credit cards for automatic recording of transactions.
6 Easily generate reports, including expense reports to track payments to caddies for 1099s.
7 Instantly upload receipts. Use the app to snap a photo and save your receipts instantly.
8 Can be accessed remotely anywhere.
9 Continuously track income and expenses all year to monitor and create better tax planning opportunities.

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