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Answering Your Questions About Finding a CPA

Looking For a CPA? Here are some tips.

The first step to finding the perfect CPA for you is figuring out the type of tax and/or accounting services you will need.  Once you know this information, it will be easier to discover the perfect CPA for you.  Whether you need simple accounting and straightforward tax returns or detailed advice for your small business, there is an accountant for you.  Depending on your accounting needs, it might be the right time to look for a CPA.  Here are some tips to help you when the time comes.

How do you know when you’re ready for a CPA? Does your business need to be a certain size?

No business is too small for a Certified Public Accountant, also known as a CPA.  Most entrepreneurs do not have much background in understanding business finances.  Therefore, it is never the wrong time to have a professional help you.  When your accounting is taking away from your core business is when you want to consider outsourcing a portion of the work, if not all of the work.  CPAs can provide more than just tax and accounting advice. Should you ever be in a situation where the IRS has requested an audit from your business, having a CPA on your side can help you.  They can also find tax and accounting mistakes before the IRS does and as a result, an audit would be less likely to occur.  CPAs provide additional resources such as help with fraud and embezzlement, payroll, and bookkeeping.

How do you find a CPA?

A good way to find a CPA is through recommendations.  You can ask your family, friends, lender, attorney, mentor, or someone else that you trust.  They can tell you who they use and have used in the past and if they would recommend them or not.  After receiving a few different options, you should research the different services each CPA provides. If you think they would be a good fit for your specific business, give them a call!  If you are unsatisfied with the options you have, another great way to find a CPA is to use the Find-A-CPA resource.  This website directs you to find your state’s CPA society and discover local CPA firms.

How do you know if the CPA is credible?

Besides having an official CPA license, it is hard to tell if a CPA is credible or not.  However, you can detect red flags from a suspicious CPA.  For example, if they promise a large tax refund or a large number of tax deductions before having reviewed your financial statement, you should be skeptical.  A great way to see if a CPA is credible is to ask questions.  Feel free to ask what certifications they have and about their experience in the industry.  Also, ask how long they have been in the tax business and what industry they specialize in, as most tax experts have a certain niche.  After the interview, if you believe this CPA could be the right fit for you, do a “background” check.  Look them up to see if they have active social media or reviews on their page.  Also, see if the firm or individual CPA has won any established awards for their service.  Lastly, contact your state board of accountancy to verify the status of their CPA license.

How often should you meet with your CPA? Just at the beginning of the year, or end of the year?

Many people make the mistake of only meeting with their CPA once a year, during tax time.  However, depending on the services you receive, you should meet with your CPA at other times during the year as well.  If your accountant helps you with your business’s finances, you should meet quarterly to confirm your tax payments are correct.  You should also meet with them before you make any large financial decision.  If you receive personal tax services, you should meet at the beginning of the year to go over any new tax law changes or things you can do to improve your tax situation for the upcoming year.  You should also meet at tax time in March or early April to review and confirm your tax information or concerns you may have.  If you are strictly receiving W-2 tax services, you should be fine to meet once a year during tax time.

What can you expect fee wise? 

Every accounting firm’s fees vary. Ultimately, the cost of your services will depend on the amount of time it takes to perform the accounting services you have requested.

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