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June 02, 2020

Ren Cicalese Discusses Employment Tax Filing on Yahoo Finance

Managing partner, Ren Cicalese, CPA, PFS, CGMA, shares his recent experience with business owners struggling to understand which state to file employment taxes in the recent article,  “Taxation of nonresident workers in Coronavirus-hit states becomes a million dollar question” on Yahoo Finance.

The article addresses the confusion surrounding the question of where employers should file employment taxes considering employees may be working remotely in different states amid the COVID-19 national shutdown. Certain cities obtain a large number of nonresident workers and are able to impose the city wage tax on their earnings. The article discusses the different ways cities are able to tax nonresident’s income and if those rules will apply due to the shutdown.  Ren shares his recent encounters with business owners on the topic.


Reynold P. Cicalese, CPA and managing Shareholder for New Jersey accounting firm Alloy Silverstein said his employer clients are increasingly seeking advice about whether entities are required to file in the additional states where their employees are now working.

For the most part, he said, employers have made the decision to continue filing as normal — and leave it up to employees to request a refund from their local authorities.


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