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October 13, 2022

Taxation on Marijuana in NJ? Ren Cicalese III, CPA, MST Chimes in on New Jersey 101.5 FM

Associate Partner, Ren Cicalese III, was interviewed and quoted for the New Jersey 101.5 radio segment and news article, “How Marijuana Purchases Are Taxed in New Jersey.


In the article, he says…

“Generally speaking, the prices that are promoted for the cannabis are just gross price before any taxes,” said Ren Cicalese, an associate partner with Alloy Silverstein, an accountants and advisors firm in New Jersey.

This fee is not something you’d see on your receipt at a dispensary, but it could be built into the price you pay, Cicalese said.

The fee, which raises funds for investments in areas of New Jersey that have been harmed the most by the war on drugs, is charged by a cannabis cultivator when their product is sold or transferred to another entity.

“Businesses may ultimately pass it on to consumers, but it’s not a direct tax,” Cicalese said.


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