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April 15, 2021

Ren Cicalese Recently Featured Twice in Invest: South Jersey

Managing Shareholder, Ren Cicalese, CPA, PFS, CGMA, has recently been featured in two articles on Invest: South Jersey.

Invest: South Jersey has published a spotlight article on Ren, “Spotlight On: Ren Cicalese, Managing Shareholder, Alloy Silverstein” In the article, he discusses important ideas related to businesses and the pandemic, how Alloy Silverstein has helped businesses stay in business this year, and common mistakes business owners are making. He addresses what we have seen this past year and what to expect going forward. Read the full article here →


Also, Invest: South Jersey recently issued the article, “South Jersey: Where this 3,700 square miles of potential currently stands” The article discusses Southern New Jersey as an up-and-coming area to either establish or grow your business. Ren comments on the impact the aftermath of the pandemic could have on businesses in South Jersey.

As discussed by Reynold Cicalese, managing shareholder of Alloy Silverstein, with Invest:, there are also concerns going forward in the pandemic’s aftermath. “Over the next year, you may find more businesses going bankrupt after PPP 1 and PPP 2. Individuals or firms that live week-to-week, need cash flow, are stumbling, or are highly leveraged will be in jeopardy over the next 12 months.” Cicalese goes on to highlight the significance of the deficit spending incurred during the crisis. “There has been a lot of assistance to individuals and businesses over the last year. Sooner or later, somebody has to pay for it.” Of course, these aren’t challenges specific to the South Jersey region.

The article also features Christina Renna, president and CEO of the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and her thoughts on South Jersey as a promising area for local businesses.

Read the full article here→


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