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NJ Cannabis: Social Equity Excise Fee Decreases for 2024

Beginning January 1, 2024, the state Social Equity Excise Fee (SEEF) decreases to $1.24 per ounce of cannabis.

This adjustment is down from $1.52 per ounce in 2023. The SEEF is due on each usable ounce of recreational cannabis sold by a Class 1 (Cannabis Cultivator) license holder.


Year SEEF Rate per ounce of cannabis
2024 $ 1.24
2023 $ 1.52
2022 $ 1.10


Class 1 license holders must file a monthly tax return, the SF-100, to report the total ounces of cannabis sold or transferred and to pay the SEEF. The SEEF is imposed at the rate of 1/3 of 1% of the statewide average retail price of an ounce of usable cannabis for consumer purchase, as determined by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC).

Medical cannabis is not subject to SEEF and should not be reported on Form SF-100. However, an alternative treatment center (ATC) that has a Class 1 Cannabis Cultivator license for recreational cannabis sales must still file and pay the SEEF on the usable ounces sold to the recreational market. The monthly form must be completed and filed even if no sales or transfers of usable cannabis occur.

The Social Equity Excise Fee is also not applicable to the transfer of cannabis from a cannabis to cultivator from another cannabis cultivator.

The SF-100 form, by 11:59 pm on the 20th day of the month after the end of the filing period.

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