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NJBAC Cannabis Training Academy

Introducing the NJ Cannabis Training Academy

While the cannabis industry continues to grow, many are feeling the pressure when it comes to applying for a recreational cannabis license and actually starting a business. The New Jersey Business Action Center has been designated by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) to provide technical assistance and training to these applicants.  This program is paid for by the taxes paid on cannabis sales and its primary purpose is to help guide those that are new to the industry.

NJBAC Cannabis Training Academy

Technical Training for New Cannabis Businesses

There has been a huge push for cannabis business licenses, but many are stuck with maneuvering the ins and outs of the application process on their own. This training program will help applicants in the social equity, legacy, Impact Zone, diversely-owned and microbusiness categories get the assistance that they need. This virtual, educational, and on-demand program is available at any time for those who sign up. There is also a live mentoring question and answer session every few weeks that will allow applicants to utilize the resources on their own schedule, but still be able to chat with a mentor in real time when they go live.  The classes will be taught by faculty who are in, have taught, or have consulted in the cannabis industry. Applicants will be able to learn from those with firsthand experience and will also be able to access these industry professionals through the virtual Q&As.

10 Ways to Prepare Your License Application

Partner with a Trustworthy Cannabis Business Advisor

With a new industry, many people are still learning what is to be expected and considered the “norm”. Unfortunately, some will capitalize on the newness and naivety of the new applicants. These resources will help applicants be prepared for what to expect and properly manage their business so they are not taken advantage of in this new process. In addition, this complimentary training program will help these new business owners navigating a new industry to be better prepared and effectively manage their business.


To learn more about the Cannabis Training Academy, its range of resources that are available, or to access more cannabis business resources and speak to an advisor, visit today!


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