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3 Trends that Make the Case for Outsourcing Business Accounting

Many business analysts are saying that the pandemic has changed the traditional workplace forever. This has owners rethinking their staffing needs. One option that’s gaining more traction is outsourcing business accounting. The benefits: less overhead, higher productivity, more experienced and reliable talent, and internal fraud prevention.


Let’s look at some trends driving the outsourcing movement.


1. The new labor shortage

 Since the pandemic, more than 3 million women have dropped out of the labor force and close to 3 million baby boomers are considering early retirement. Add to this a turnover tide fueled by workers who are disengaged and burned out. Plus, millions of workers have accumulated weeks of PTO and are ready to vacation. For sustained, professional support many employers are turning to outsourced providers.


2. Advanced accounting automation

 With today’s cloud-based accounting software, business owners can tap into their financial data 24/7 while saving on replacing outdated hardware or software and on purchasing equipment for new staff.


3. The green movement

 With your financial data available electronically, you can substantially reduce use of paper, toner, printers and copiers, decreasing your carbon footprint and costs.


Anytime, anywhere access to financial data, better talent and lower costs are compelling reasons to outsource business accounting. Alloy Silverstein’s cloud-based services can be your solution.


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