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IRS Issues “Dirty Dozen” Fraud Warnings

Are you up to date on the latest fraud warning signs? Each year, the IRS releases a “Dirty Dozen” series to highlight the most common fraud schemes taxpayers should be aware of:

Misleading tax information on social media can lure honest taxpayers with bad advice, potentially leading to identity theft and tax problems. Visit our Alloy Silverstein YouTube channel for our “Tax Fact or Crap” series→

E-mail spearfishing attempts are designed to steal valuable personal information.

Bogus tax strategies and fraudulent offshore schemes that claim to reduce or avoid taxes altogether.

Groups masquerading as charitable organizations attract donations from unsuspecting contributors.

Offer in compromise (OIC) “mills” charge steep fees and aggressively mislead taxpayers into thinking their tax debts can disappear.


Visit to view the entire list.



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