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Summer Vacation Plans? Tips to Stay on Budget Before Traveling

2023 will be a summer of traveling for many. After years of pandemic-related restrictions and cancellations, Americans are looking forward to an overdue reprieve this summer –and deservedly so.

Even for diligent planners, vacation ex­penses add up quickly. Whether you are splurging or traveling on a budget, here are some money-conscious tips to help avoid overspending.

1) Budget.

Determine ahead of time how much you can afford to spend. Minimize financial surprises by accounting for all incidentals that may creep up, including airport transportation, baggage fees, resort fees, gratuities, parking, trip insur­ance, wi-fi charges, cleaning fees, pet sitters, etc.

2) Redeem rewards.

If your credit card has a reward program, take advantage of earned points. Explore if you can cash them in towards flights, a rental car, gift cards, or other travel expenses.

3) Research for deals.

There are many websites, forums, travel agents, and bloggers who share cost-saving opportuni­ties that can range from discounted theme park tickets and meal deals, to excursions, packaged entertainment deals and more, de­pending on your destination and vacation type.

4) Plan to cook.

If your accommo­dations include a kitchen or kitchenette, pickup or have groceries delivered and plan to eat in for a few meals. Dining out for every meal of every day will eat up much of a vacation budget.

5) Opt-in to notifications.

By re­searching and planning ahead, you can subscribe to email lists and utilize online resources that allow you to receive notifications of deals, flash sales, or price drops for airfare, lodging, event tickets, and other pre-planned expenses.

6) Flexible dates.

If there’s flexibility in your schedule, airfare and hotel rooms typically cost less for mid-week dates compared to weekend dates. For some airlines, even the day of the week you book your airfare could make a price dif­ference. If the summer months are peak travel time for your destination, consider an off-season date when prices are lower and crowds are smaller. By choosing days just before or just after the busy season, you will often find cheaper rates without much difference in the climate.

It’s all about balance. You can still splurge in some key areas while spending wisely in others. With a little creativity, a bit of flexibility, and some advanced planning, you can stretch your vacation budget further and make the most of your memorable summer getaway without overspending.


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