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What is a Tax Extension and How Does it Work? [Video]

Associate Partner Julie Strohlein, CPA dives into the mechanics of what a tax return extension is, how the extension process works, and what taxpayer need to do if they need more time to file their tax return.


First and foremost, taxpayers need to be aware that an extension is an extended time to file your return, not an extended time to pay any taxes due. View our full Instagram Reel and video above for what to expect in the tax return extension process when partnering with a CPA.
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Extension Applications

Need more time to file your income tax return? Below are federal and state forms to request a six-month filing extension.

  • Federal Extension Application – Form 4868
  • State of New Jersey Extension Application – Form NJ-630
  • Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Extension Application – Form REV-276


Julie Strohlein CPA

Associate Partner
Julie has over 20 years of experience in public and private accounting, representing varied clientele including the medical, legal, and real estate industries and trusts.
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