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September 13, 2018

An Accounting Ally for Businesses in Hurricane Florence’s Path

Alloy Silverstein can be a partner to keep insurance agencies and businesses running smoothly during an unfortunate time.

As Hurricane Florence barrels towards the Carolinas, residents are nervously securing their properties and fleeing for safety. How are you preparing your business?

In the aftermath of such a potentially dangerous storm, insurance companies and business owners will have the daunting task of assessing damage caused by destruction of property, extreme downtime, or both. To protect the longevity of the business and minimize losses, it’s important to restore normalcy in the day-to-day business operations quickly after the storm. We can help.

Claims processing, taxes, payroll, bills, and loans will begin to accumulate even though you are faced with overwhelming and extensive insurance paperwork, rebuilding, and recovery. Our professionals can temporarily aid your organization with supplemental administrative support and accounting expertise to ensure your business and claims processing tasks move forward while you and your employees focus on family and your community.


Immediate As-Needed Services:

  • Disaster recovery procedures
  • Insurance claim processing assistance
  • Transaction processing
  • Alternative administrative and business processing support (virtual or onsite)
  • Outsourced business processes
  • Outsourced accounts payable and accounts receivable (which still need to be collected and paid)
  • Electronic bill setup and payments
  • Record and data restoration or re-creation
  • Accounting for inventory losses
  • Accounting for property damage
  • Business interruption claims calculations
  • Accounting and reconciliation of project costs
  • Technical support on documentation and compliance requirements
  • Disaster tax implications and planning
  • Identification and remedy of financial and operation risk exposures
  • Tax filing support for tax preparers, CPA firms, business owners, individuals
  • Payroll support and tax filing
  • Business continuity planning going forward including setup with cloud-based accounting software and procedures


Our firm experienced first-hand the disruption caused by Superstorm Sandy and we extended our above services for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims just last year. Navigating the numerous insurance claims, federal relief acts, and related paperwork can be onerous. During this recovery period, insurance companies need to be prepared for the drastic increase in resources required to provide timely service to customers.

Please forward our offer to help to any insurance agencies, partners, colleagues, neighbors or business owners in your community that are in need of assistance.


We are here for you. Continuity of business operations can help minimize your downtime and lessen the long-term impact on your business. We can be your virtual support while physical hardware is restored or replaced and while your employees recover.


Contact Reynold P. Cicalese at (856)667-4100 or as soon as possible to ease this devastating burden.


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