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September 09, 2022

Family Financial Empowerment

About Our Fall 2022 Newsletter Issue: Family Financial Empowerment

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that having your financial affairs in order can help you feel prepared during uncertain times and when navigating a family member’s sudden death.

Our professionals have witnessed the financial decisions and implications of many families over the years, including our own. By sharing these fundamental basics, we encourage you to rethink your priorities, savings habits, and involvement in finances, no matter what stage of life you are in. Always know that an Alloy Silverstein CPA is here to guide you.


Estate and Financial Planning Organizer

The chronological layout of the Fall 2022 Newsletter, Family Financial Empowerment, is inspired by the contents of the Alloy Silverstein Personal Financial Organizer.

Alloy Silverstein Personal Financial Organizer PDFBroadly speaking, this Organizer is a life catalog of financial considerations:

  • Personal Information, History, Key Documents, and Account Logins
  • Property Ownership (real estate, vehicles, assets, etc.)
  • Insurance Policies (health, life, disability, homeowners, etc.)
  • Financial Accounts and Retirement Funds (checking, savings, mortgage(s), student loans, other loans, IRAs, investments, Social Security, etc.)
  • Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Funeral/Burial Wishes


Contributing Authors In This Issue


Table of Contents


Continuing the Conversation on Personal Finances

This Fall, Alloy Silverstein invites you, your loved ones, and friends to register for our Financial Empowerment webinar series. Our presenters will be discussing the topics covered in this issue and beyond. Look for the dates in your inbox and our website & social media pages.


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